Topologi Jaringan

November 25, 2020

What is network topology? Understanding Topology Computer networks are methods or methods used to connect one computer to another. The structure or network used to connect one computer to another can be wired or wireless (without cable).

In practice, there are several types of computer network topologies that are used in accordance with the scale of the network, goals, costs, and users. Some types of network topologies are ring topology, bus topology, star topology, mesh topology, and tree topology.

1. Ring Topology

Ring topology or often called ring topology is a network topology that is used to connect computers to other computers in a series arranged in a circle like a ring. This type of network topology generally only uses a LAN card so that each computer is connected.

Pengertian Topologi Ring
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Advantages of Ring Topology
  1. The cost for installation is cheap
  2. Connection performance is quite good
  3. The installation and configuration process is quite easy
  4. The implementation is easy to do

Lack of Ring Topology

  1. If a problem occurs, troubleshooting this network is calculated to be complicated
  2. In this network data flow collisions are very vulnerable to occur
  3. Connection on the network will be disconnected if one connection is problematic

2. Bus Topology

Bus topology is a simpler network topology. In general, this network topology is carried out on the installation of a network based on coaxial cable.

The bus topology uses coaxial cable along the client nodes and connectors. The types of connectors used are BNC, Terminator, and TBNC.

Pengertian Topologi Bus
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Advantages of Bus Topology
  1. Ease in adding new clients or workstations
  2. Easy to use and very simple
  3. Installation costs are cheap because the cables are used a little
Lack of Bus Topology
  1. Data flow collisions often occur
  2. The process of sending and receiving data is less efficient
  3. The old bus topology is difficult to develop
  4. If there is a problem with the cable, for example disconnected, the workstation computer will be interrupted.